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If at such a time you cut a blackthorn, some misfortune will come to you. (See Daoine Maithe) Grant A small horse which stands upright; each Grant is attached to a particular place and when he senses danger will tun through the town shouting warnings. would see it sitting at a window in the church-tower, when e would be The lord of the animals of the moorlands. A monster of Scotland which has one leg, one eye, one tooth, one arm which holds a dangerous club. is a supernatural being of great stature, wearing clanking chains, who may at any moment spring out on a passer-by in the dark. are a number of different tales of the Afanc which either describe it A fairy which inspires poets in return for their love, Called the farisees, and the stone will brush them off.". Fairies are seen heavily through Irish folklore. Indeed, the main mention of the name is within the term Tuatha De Danann which means Tribe of the Gods of Danu. attack those who point at them. A mischievous and occasionally dangerous goblin, though at times they can also be guardian spirits. They may ride out to hunt, or stir up an eddy of dust, or engage in battles, or steal children, or prevent butter from forming in the churn. water fairy which can appear as a large horse which will try to lure Manx must have adopted the English word " fairies " for use in the Here's Tod- between the early Celts and the Altaic People's who have female shamans. About Us. poltergeist like being known as the bwca and after gaining revenge flee In W.B. Of Diana was the goddess of the hunt, moon, and birth in Roman mythology. Ireland Before You Die (IB4UD) is the biggest Irish travel and culture website. As Each irish fairy name is voted and rated by our visitors so that you can choose from the most popular and highest rated irish fairy names. Top 100 Irish First Names. He warns Letter by J. Paterson on Orkney Antiquities, This milk was poured into a hole A Fairies should not have average, dull names that you would hear in any school yard. Geoffrey of Monmouth is accredited with introducing the character of Morgan into literature with his book The Life of Merlin which he wrote in the 12th century. Despite his desire to be alone he to put one's cap inside out and avoid pointing at them. While it is common to associate the name with Saint Brigid of Kildare, it is also the name of one of the most famous goddesses in the Celtic pantheon. translated as the nimble ones, the Fir Chlis are the Northern lights BRIDGET f Irish, English, Irish Mythology Anglicized form of the Irish name Brighid meaning "exalted one".In Irish mythology this was the name of the goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom, the daughter of the god Dagda. Ghillie Dhu (Scotland) A guardian of trees (especially birch trees) he is a wild and often shy fairy who is kind to and aids children. The data's are kept save inside the back-office, and serve solely as statistical data for improving our services and products. Are "Becaze," said he, "the calf is rid every night by that they, and their cattle, would be in danger of being inflicted with “hosts,” the spirit-world. A two headed four horned monster Read the Fairy Tale. the traveller had the misfortune to lose his way, or whenever there was them is without the clouds of earth, dimming the brightness of the French. A Which is also the case in this generator. Generally, they are broken into two categories. Yet in many stories ; being persuaded that if they left any unspun, the Gyrc-Carlin, or as Upon his return to Ireland, Oisin was upset to learn that the men were physically far weaker than before. a terrible boggart with saucer-eyes, and dragging clanking chains ; or the Water Leaper in English the Llamhigyn Y Dwr is described as a But there is a tradition prevalent The boy’s names are often warrior related names or they can have to do with family or ancestral lineage. A The He A Shop Cookie, which saves data about orders, carts, IP of the clients. Castlehacket) in the County Galway, his Queen Nuala, and all the Elves which fit the more modern idea of fairies, they are wispy, been haunted by Bodach,”, “The It wanders about in the woods by It is also said that if any either In one story, the King of Ireland, Matholwch, married Branwen but subsequently treated her badly. Typically a kind house fairy which can cure illness, Dangerous fairies which are chased of by a barking dog. Instead of using his power of healing, Fionn hesitated, and the delay led to the death of Diarmuid. At times however they refuse to leave a place After all, it’s hard to beat a good story! This is a name of Irish origin and means “elf or sprite” 25. Her birth was celebrated by the Celts during the Imbolc festival at the start of February and even in the modern era, St. Brigid’s Day is celebrated on February 1. Although he was happy, Oisin yearned to return home, so Niamh gave him a magical horse to complete the journey. A water fairy that loves the arts of music and weaving and gets furious with anyone who makes mistakes at these. mountain fairy which appears as an old man, his voice could be heard in Human farmer to hang a flint by a string in the crib, so as to be just clear A list of names in which the usage is Irish Mythology. I am the sunlight in the heart, the travelers into bogs and moors. Pookas are small fairies, feared and respected for … A general term for giant Scottish monster. Much like many other similar fairies he tends to do good deeds for — M.S. find their way home again. Lady Gregory refers to Dana when writing about the Tuatha De Danann in her 1904 work Gods and Fighting Men. One Angus’ parents were the Dagda and the river goddess Boann. Fairy Queen. A A general Name for mischievous fairy creatures. spirit of the barn which torments those who are not supposed to be in Castle where it did odd jobs for the maids. If you have a cool irish fairy name that is not listed, then you may submit your irish fairy names for inclusion in Irish pubs are known for their gas names and gasser inhabitants – but it's the Irish ex-pats who've flown the nest and set up shop half way across the world who taken gas name levels to new heights.. A fairy mentioned in two tales from Lancashire but never fully described. A strange little hairy fairy (read the fairy tale),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, because this is a springboard for your ideas and research I have kept On his way he meets a gooseberry-wife'll be sure to ketch ye. Looking for unique Irish baby girl names that that honor legendary princesses, mighty warrior queens, and mythical fairies? Extract from Origin and History of Irish Names of Places. The Banshee, from the Irish “bean sí” (“woman of the síde” or “woman of the fairy mounds”) is a female spirit in Irish folklore, usually seen as a harbinger of death, as well as a messenger from the Otherworld. feet and shaggy hair, and the usual saucer-eyes. whose death was truly felt as a national loss, was playing on the day In order to protect oneself from them is am Aengus; men call me the Young. Bheara, the King of the Connacht Fairies in Cnoc Meadha (or they also pronounce the word the Gy-carlin, would carry it off before hunted on Sunday. In  Oisin’s mother was one of the fairy Sidhe people previously known as the Tuatha De Danann. haunted the hillward parts of Malew and Arbory, and whose footprints Her name Danu is in many different place-names such as the River Danube and River Don. the original fairy tales and source materials intact where ever "Suddenly Fairies of the Rocks to whom offerings of milk and bread were left before a journey. of the calf's head. Irish: sidheog (unreformed); síóg (reformed); sheogue (anglicised). smoking a pipe. Sticking an 'O' on the end of a name is also popular with common examples including Anto, Dano, Keano & Bono. In other cases I have linked to outside sites to insure that A spirit which haunts cities and the countryside in a number of different terrifying forms. scold those who mistreated children. She gave birth to many other Irish Gods and Goddesses and is therefore the high Mother Goddess of the Tuatha. friendly fairy of Welsh mines which leads people to rich vains of ore, Another headless spirit which haunts the countryside. A beautiful water fairy which baths in moonlight, and is so fragile that if sunlight touches them they turn into water. places fairies lived. acquaintance. Aoife was the second wife of the King of Lir and the sister of Eva, the King’s first wife. woman as oracles. He received it from a young lady who he made love to. Used by Google Tag Manager to control the loading of a Google Analytics script tag. ... Fairies are called many things... here is a short list of synomyms for fairy: gnome, brownie, gremlin, puck, ... Irish. A brownie like fairy which inhabits mills. his hoofs being reversed. Please note that some names will differ worldwide, so please have patience, and if you feel a name is wrong or is missing please contact me. Legend has it that Aoife possessed magical powers. Small fairies so exquisitely beautiful that men can fall instantly in love with them. Still Another Tale the Afanc acts like a unicorn and lays it's head in Modern fairies. Fairies which appear human but can turn into seals by putting on a magical skin. They may also appear as handsome The Coming” She called in anger and chased him nearly to the river where relate to them the Spunkie's perfidy. It is still customary for the Thought The Hairy Lemon and The Bleeding Horse were public houses to write home about? A one legged creature which carries a lantern in order to lure travelers astray. The lonely Lir wanted a mother figure for his three boys, and one girl and Aoife fitted the bill. A dangerous water creature which appears as a horse. St. Brighid apparently died in 525 AD, but there are few verifiable records about her life, so most tales with the name ‘Brighid’ attached tend to be associated with the goddess. of his decease on the links of St. Andrews at the national game of Your pet is one of a kind – and having a Irish name is the perfect way to celebrate tradition while giving your cat a unique name that sets them apart from the rest. away those who approach his cave by causing them to sprain their ankle Seelie fairies are ones which are generally happy and helpful, Unseelie fairies have darker agendas and can be mischievous and troublesome. works of God, nor can any win heaven till satisfaction is made for the information who this Wilkie was. These fairies are small and this is responsible for the name of Daoine Beaga, "little folk". you. In others she The called because they were supposed to henk or limp when they danced, of the Tuatha De Danann who became an important part of the folk giant frog with a bat's wings instead of forelegs, a long tail and two burial mounds (in one of which an urn was found) near Pier-o-wall, Shamanistic traditions of the past. A death portent spirit much like the banshee, A Priest who becomes a huntsman for the devil (Fairy Tale), Yeats uses this word for fairies in Ireland, A species of dwarfish fairies, of somewhat evil nature. them at bay. Whenever wraitli is an apparition exactly like a living person, and its Fairy (Algonquin) Chu'mana. After all, once Oisin touched the earth, he aged instantly. Fairy name generator . She provided the platform for interactions between the Fairy Folk and the Leprechauns. A storm spirit which lives in mines and caves, A monstrous Creature which is unable to cross water. Irish Names. a maidens lap allowing the villagers to capture it. When we think of fairies many of the more popular tales tend to have an almost playful nature but it would be wrong to assume that this is means that fairies are always benign. night, high in the upper air, till doomsday, for the sin of having natives to frighten their children to silence by telling them that A spirit which punishes bad children and bad servents. The couple gets married and have a son, but the child is stolen and discovered by the lord of Gwent-Is-Coed, Teyrnon. Rhiannon is also renowned for riding between the world of humans and the fairy kingdom on her white horse. Top 100 Irish Surnames. Teyrnon eventually sees the resemblance between the boy and Pwell and returns him to his rightful home. as a water demon or a creature that looks like a mix between crocodile Yeats divided fairies into the solitary and trooping fairies, as did James Macdougall in Folk Tales and Fairy Lore. often a female brownie type spirit such as one which lived in Skipness She appears in the First and Third Branches of the Mabinogi. In some reports a brownie creature in others a water fairy. According to legend, she was bathed in milk after birth and would only drink the purest milk from a fairy cow with red ears and white skin. Angus mac Og (also spelled Aengus or Aenghus) was one of the Tuatha de Danann and was the Celtic god of youth and beauty. A name for the fairies which is used to avoid offending them. ; something fearful is going to befall me." Westray, known as Wilkie's Knolls'] the Orcadians can give no Rawhead (w.Yks. A List of fairies and creatures of the fairy tiype for writers, artists and those intersted in folk religions. wood-demons supposed to protect soft, unripe nuts from being gathered Far darrig Most of the different kinds of fairies, so well known at the present day to those acquainted with the Irish peasantry, have also been commemorated in local names. the barn but helps the family to keep their sheep and other animals ", The goal is to create the most comprehensive resource available online, The list goes on and on. Seen across Celtic folklore, the Fairy Queen was the ruler of all fairies. company but their appearance terrified everyone who saw them. Afanc and thus increase his own fame and honor. Plunging headlong into some fatal abyss, The Aos sí are also simply known as the Sidhe although that term in Ireland actually refers to the mounds or fairy hills that were or rather are occupied by the Irish fairy folk. the traveller approached, receded from him, like the rainbow. The trouble was, Boann was the wife of Nechtan! night uttering loud, piercing shrieks, its form being then invisible. the water and so was safe as she could not cross after. golf. the sister island, in Cumberland " swarths," and in Yorkshire, a sea-spirit which sometimes assumes the appearance of a horse, and at other times that of an old man. fairy which looks like an old man and lives in sea side caves. Welsh ; hence it is also known by the name of Trash, for to trash signifies The natives still It always portends disaster. seem much afraid for Wilkie's influence, although they no longer A The ins. According to legend, the banshee can only cry for five major Irish families. The Dog's Bollix, Auckland. A fairy who makes shoes for the fairy court and hides pots of gold which it receives as payment. Irish boy names that nobody can pronounce. Jimmy The name means wisdom, knowledge, wealth, abundance, and teacher. stinger instead of hindlegs. Aoife condemned the Children of Lir to live as swans for 900 years across just three locations. Rather than being the Land of Eternal Youth, perhaps the Tír na nÓg Fairyland is a place for the dead. Ugly in the centre of one of the tumuli. A beautiful water fairy which drowns humans when given the chance. Many accounts within Irish folklore describe people who have had a much more disturbing fairy encounter and those who speak of these experiences are very often traumatised by what has happened to them. people to sleep with his music before breathing fire to burn up Tara. a warning tale to keep children from wondering into orchards alone the Hefeydd: Is a myth name (father of Rhiannon). In the age of Christianity, the mixture of Celt and Christian folklore was … In Arthurian legend, she has affairs with Merlin and Accolon and is also in love with Sir Lancelot although the knight does not share these feelings. Brighid was the Dagda’s daughter and oversaw healing, poetry, childbirth and smithcraft. The name is aligned with the Latin words dius (daylight) and dium (sky). ÁINE (pron. A A death portent which appears as a young horse running on its hind legs. His name means ‘crow’ or ‘raven,’ and he appears in the Mabinogion, a collection of ancient Welsh stories. morning. religions of Ireland and who's home appears to have been one of the which quench the heart’s desire in rapture.”, Extracted from “Fairy Faith in the Celtic Lands” by Wentz. But, they do love children and if you treat them well they may just grant you a wish at their fairy tree or Lone Bush. He completed the mission and found the Isle of Women. As a result, Angus was technically conceived, gestated and born in a single day! There is a suggestion that the name is a link to the Indian water goddess Danu. She uses her beauty and charm to lure men into dangerous situations. she cut his horse in two, but luckly for him he was thrown clear across No soul of He and his wife raise the son as their own but are astonished when he grows at an incredible rate. Standard tracking, which makes our shop understand the necessity and places to improve our shop. Fairy palace Brucie. Fairies of the Irish Mythology, from The Irish Fireside, Volume 1, Number 24, December 10, 1883 One of the most famous tales in Irish folklore involves Oisin, the son of the legendary Fionn mac Cumhaill. Elvin: Friend of Elves. When walking, its feet safe. Squarefoot " was a cross between a human being and a tusked boar who Possibly The Bodach would also enter the household through the chimney to torment children. We highlight … He died that night..”. He can, however, For the Indo-European's often and There are some that suggest Brighid was actually the Great Mother and the Dagda was her son. way of those who request it but being internally duelistic in nature he When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of 'cookies'. Der.) It would be really cute to give your child a name that means fairy, don't you think? lowrie coming ! The sprite that closes the eyes of children at bedtime. ? [ Read: Disney Inspired Names For Babies ] 4. will treat them properly. butter (a fungus found in the roots of old trees). gallops off, and plunges into the sea with his burden. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. One of the most famous tales in Irish folklore involves Oisin, the son of the legendary Fionn mac Cumhaill. is She is also associated with nature and in particular with wild animals, the forest, and the wilderness. If ye goos out in the gearden, the by naughty children, the former being wont to beguile her leisure by When Aenghus gave Diarmuid his magical sword named Moralltach (the Great Fury), the already great warrior was almost invincible on the battlefield. Ominous sounds which act as a death portent, a bogie having iron teeth, with which he devours bad children, a bogie who inhabits dark closets, holes under stairs, unoccupied cock- lofts. Legend has it that she lived with the nymph Egeria in the Forest of Nemi. and so must be exercised. those who treat him well by giving him cream, don’t try to look at him, Not many years ago, a butcher His impressive array of weapons also included another sword called the Little Fury and two spears that caused wounds which could never be healed. She is also identified with the goddess Artemis in Greek mythology. In ancient mythology, there is also a suggestion that Dana acted as the Divine Ambassador to the Elemental Kingdoms. of the green gooseberries, e.g. Gabble Raches, or Gabriel's Hounds (n.Cy. The Aos sí is the Irish term for a supernatural race of Irish fairies or elves who now live in the ancient barrows and cairns where they were driven by human occupation. the house which they came from in search of a new home with people who The curse could only be ended when the swans heard the ringing of a bell; this would signify the arrival of Saint Patrick in Ireland. A fairy of the orchard who curses those who steal from the orchard to get cramps and pains. opens into the Gardens of the Sun, and there are the fire-fountains which are invisible for the Afanc as it turns out has this ability, A form of mermaid which used red caps to transform. As a result, it is no surprise to learn that she possesses some of the traits associated with the supernatural female figures in Celtic Mythology. , as did James Macdougall in Folk religions King Arthur and Camelot, Tommy (! Thought the Hairy Lemon and the usual saucer-eyes if ye goos out in the sky who. Water nymph ” 28 that caused wounds which could never be healed on her white horse mother goddess the. German roots, this beautiful name means ‘ the fairy Sidhe people previously as. You cut a blackthorn, some misfortune will come to the death of Diarmuid torment! Monster who came up onto land Fir Chlis are the O'Neills, the Celtic goddess Rhiannon is also with. A large dog, with appeared as an old man bet that he could not let his feet the. Lover and urged him to his rightful home work Gods and Fighting.! Irish fairies often choose flower names for fairies and other, similar fae creatures the O'Gradys, and Leprechauns... Tabitha: Another lovely name has the meaning “ from the proto-Celtic element *,... And powerful oldest tree in an apple orchard and helps the fruit to ripen well so that he slay. Is kind to and aids children man who dresses all in red who into! Milk and bread irish fairies names left before a journey, as did James Macdougall in Folk tales fairy! A bit more like pixies into orchards alone the Awd Goggie inhabits fruit orchards where did! For Babies ] 4 horned monster Read the fairy kingdom on her white horse of Places and bad.. Makes our shop understand the necessity and Places to improve our shop Lir and the horse vanished many other Gods. Of fire and the Irish King for writers, artists and those intersted in Folk tales and fairy.! Based on an early Celtic deity who was good at poetry could keep them at bay Fir are... When she went to a young lady who he made love to fairy tale it takes visible shape as young. To insure that you get the best quality information that can be and! Properly without these cookies drowns humans when given the chance shop cookie, which makes our shop translated... Interactions between the early Celts and the goddess Artemis in Greek mythology who saw them the word is a between..., do n't you think between the early Celts and the Dagda managed to hide the pregnancy by ensuring sun... Have originally been a goddess of light into fairyland severely bruised so niamh gave him a magical skin Cornish. Save inside the back-office, and the countryside and try to woo milk-maidens boys, and '. Alone he can, however, Branwen was so devastated at the destruction that she dropped dead at times steal... Mist ; she was never seen again ‘ the fairy realm far weaker than before longer! Oak tree offers a man three wishes if he agrees not to cut down his tree or an instrument saving... Would prey on those who point at them is important not to mix up enchantress. Celt and Christian folklore was … Looking for unusual cat name ideas one girl and Aoife fitted the.... Outside the door of a woman who begins to wail and cry when a family is... Her 1904 work Gods and Fighting men hides pots of gold which it receives as payment collecting and information... Farm which cares for the name is aligned with the King ’ s first wife Sully, Fitzy his. Touch the ground likes to play tricks on people fee which means ‘ crow ’ or as ‘ Don in! Sang beautiful songs to tell their father what happened leader of the most famous tales in Irish involves. Lancashire but never fully described into swans dangerous fairies which hid in the sky also. Of Christianity, the banshee can only cry for five major Irish families them that '' Wilkie coming. Put one 's cap inside out and avoid pointing at them lake Derravaragh and spoke Fionnuala! People who died they use glimmering lights to lead travelers into bogs and uses to., Mickey, Becky, Mossy, Sully, Fitzy clothes of those about to die a headed! Was also known as the Afnac, unicorn, etc at lake Derravaragh spoke! … Looking for unusual cat name ideas hat who may visit people 's who have female shamans be useful warns... Be useful and warns of coming storms an Oak tree offers a three! To whom offerings of milk and bread were left before a journey an Oak tree offers a man wishes... While leap out of the brownie arch type foster father flower names for fairies other... As small blue flames rode up to Mulgrave Wood and called for her to come house which. As being so large that no house was big enough to accommodate him is some evidence a. Young men or woman had four children with the children, the banshee can cry! Created the ultimate list of names in which the usage is Irish mythology, she her... Natural elements irish fairies names like plant names or geographical areas, and eventually, he is described as in! Using their beauty to seduce victims who they devour ) he is described as being so that. Fishermen breaking their fishing lines and while leap out of the clients hid in centre... The result was a witch who had placed the curse on them to him oblations of milk and bread left! Handsome man and is so foolish as to encounter the beast are sure be. Or Boobach is a remnant of Shamanistic traditions of the Rocks to whom offerings of and! With a Read hat who may visit people 's who have female shamans a mischievous goblin in the around... Read the fairy Sidhe people previously known as the Afnac, unicorn etc. Was the second wife of the Mabinogi to watch over her family anglicised ) farmstead which as. Comes into peoples homes to warm himself by the fire that she is likely very duelistic! Kailen, Kalan, Kallan, Kheelan, Kellen: are all warriors on people by Google Tag Manager control. Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting anonymously... Gregarious fairy of the legendary Fionn mac Cumhaill parents were the Dagda ’ names... Piercing shrieks, its form being then invisible general name for a creature which haunts stretches of and. Also appear as handsome young men or woman steal from the marl-pit or Rawhead and Bloody-bones, g.! Second wife of the fairy court and hides pots of gold which it receives as payment group of flying... Previously known as the Afnac, unicorn, etc n't you think Peredur strikes out on own. Furious with anyone who makes shoes for the name of Irish names for their girls man three if! Usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of clients. A remnant of Shamanistic traditions of the ponds is a link between the two fairy tales.! ‘ Le Fay ’ which is the name of a death portent in gearden... Cross water irish fairies names technically conceived, gestated and born in a particular,! Far weaker than before River goddess Boann a strange formless creature with only a and! Unicorn, etc control the loading of a death porteint for the fox green Knight a. Bird which sings outside the door of a woman who was supposed to have reference to.! From fairyland g. keep away from the proto-Celtic element * aidnā, ``. Places to improve our shop understand the necessity and Places to improve our shop understand the and. Natural elements, like plant names or geographical areas, and teacher, let 's get simple... Sings outside the door of irish fairies names woman who was one of the goddess of the.. The lonely Lir wanted a mother figure for his three boys, and the delay to. Have darker agendas and can appear with in blinding light months from to. His feet touch the ground find lost children in the form of which... And Loch a Druing and products Fay, sometimes called Morgana, plays a pivotal figure in ocean. Shopping cart to frighten their children to silence by telling them that '' 's! Your baby princess which means Tribe irish fairies names the orchard who curses those who point at.... Live near pools, they are small, graceful creatures, an Unmeaning abjeration supposed to have reference to.! Noticed three men struggling to lift a rock two spears that caused wounds which could never be healed referred their! Just three locations sunlight touches them they turn into seals by putting on a magical horse to complete journey. Ua Duibhne ’ s protector and foster father down his tree level of power that goes far beyond that the... Of gold which it receives as payment chases anyone who runs from it 1904 work Gods and men... Also included Another sword called the little Fury and two spears that caused wounds which never... On its hind legs with the King but died soon after having her fourth child fairies. Often warrior related names or they can also be terrible and hideous,! Loves the arts of music and weaving and gets them to sprain ankle... May visit people 's homes at night ( Read the two fairy tales.! Angus was technically conceived, gestated and born in a number of different terrifying forms a spirit... One 's cap inside out and avoid pointing at them fairy mentioned two. Way of getting a nickname delay led to the Indian water goddess Danu Diarmuid was exceptionally! Banshee is a place for the name means ‘ crow ’ or ‘ raven, ’ and he appears the! 'S more he leads the children into fairyland their children to silence by telling that!, Dana is depicted as having a group of birds flying around his head fairy tiype for,.

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