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24, 645–658. doi: 10.5334/pb-52-2-3-205, Deci, E. L., and Ryan, R. M. (1985). We link both features of autobiographical memory by describing some important similarities and by formulating hypotheses about how they might relate to each other. This notion of time and place forms the basis of contextual coherence (see Reese et al., 2011). Episodic memory, perceptual memory, and their interaction: foundations for a theory of posttraumatic stress disorder. Results showed that the younger adults outperformed the older adults in the prospective memory task. Loft et al. One of the criteria to categorize a memory as specific according to the AMT, is that the memory has to consist of one particular event that happened at a particular time and place (Williams and Broadbent, 1986). Neuropsychologia [Epub ahead of print], Kleim, B., and Ehlers, A. This shows how memory specificity, memory coherence, and global life story coherence interact to form a stable sense of self. In the first part of this article, we will review the relevant studies investigating the effect of importance on prospective memory and classify them by these different methods to manipulate importance. The previous seems to indicate that autobiographical memory and the self share an intricate and reciprocal relationship. doi: 10.1002/acp.1316. However, the relationship between different importance manipulations and motivation needs further investigation to disentangle the underlying mechanisms of task importance (see also Penningroth and Scott, 2007, for a similar assumption). Br. Moreover, this increased performance came at costs in the ongoing tasks (but see Kliegel et al., 2001, 2004; Hering et al., 2013). Implementation intentions facilitate prospective memory under high attention demands. Child Psychol. Cogn. Behav. doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2010.03.013, Todd, G. M., Gandolphe, M. C., Nandrino, J. L., Hancart, S., and Vosgien, V. (2013). Cogn. Additionally, placing memory coherence within the Self-Memory System makes it possible to theorize about how the coherence of single experiences relates to the overall coherence of the life story. The effects of collaboration and competition on pro-social prospective memory. doi: 10.3758/BF03211383, McCauley, S. R., McDaniel, M. A., Pedroza, C., Chapman, S. B., and Levin, H. S. (2009). Rev. In prospective memory research, common manipulation-methods include providing a reward (or manipulating task-attractiveness), relative importance instructions (i.e., emphasizing the prospective memory task relative to other ongoing activities), absolute importance instructions (i.e., emphasizing the prospective memory task per se) or providing social motives to perform the prospective memory task (cf. Kvavilashvili, L., and Ellis, J. doi: 10.1521/soco.22.5.491.50768, Dalgleish, T., Tchanturia, K., Serpell, L., Hems, S., Yiend, J., de Silva, P., et al. Gen. 134, 327–342. Research on how specific characteristics of personal memories contribute to well-being enhances our understanding of how autobiographical memory relates to the self. Memory 12, 553–561. As we pointed out earlier, besides inconsistencies in the literature, several questions concerning the relationship between memory coherence and internalizing symptoms and disorders remain unanswered. This could in turn make the individual vulnerable for the development of emotional disorders. Through reminiscing with others about personal experiences, our lives become intertwined and we create a shared past (Fivush et al., 2006). As we mentioned earlier, there seems to be some uncertainty regarding what is actually being measured with the AMT. The working self consists of a hierarchy of current personal goals that are thought to guide cognitions, emotions, and behavior toward achieving these goals. Received: 25 August 2017; Accepted: 11 December 2017;Published: 22 December 2017. doi: 10.1080/00223980.1977.9923962, Meeks, J. T., and Marsh, R. L. (2009). Importance effects on performance in event-based prospective memory tasks. The ongoing task was a word-categorization task and the prospective memory task was to press a particular key whenever a specific word (focal condition) or a word with the syllable “tor” appeared (non-focal condition). Prospective memory refers to the ability to plan, retain and retrieve an intention as planned. This could be explained by the fact that negative or stressful experiences imply a problem that must be solved, which in turn may lead to more efforts to construct coherent narratives about the events in order to understand and create meaning out of them (Fivush et al., 2008). (2011). The manuscript was written by EV after frequently brainstorming with DH, who also critically revised the article on multiple occasions. The life cycle, mental health, and the sense of coherence. A prospective longitudinal study. Q. J. Exp. Additionally, how can the integration of these two facilitate our understanding of the importance of autobiographical memory for the self? (1992). doi: 10.1037/0278-7393.29.3.347, Smith, R. E., and Bayen, U. J. Cogn. (2015). Psychol. Opening up. Memory 21, 633–645. Speaking silence: the social construction of voice and silence in cultural and autobiographical narratives. Additionally, difficulty remembering specific past experiences also relates to difficulty picturing specific future events and setting goals for the future (Belcher and Kangas, 2014). Is not a challenge to keep a healthy routine everyday, but if you need any help achieving your goals to a healthy life you can definitely find help if you look for it. To recapitulate, individuals suffering from depression and PTSD have been found to experience difficulty recalling specific personal memories compared to healthy controls. doi: 10.1207/S15327647JCD0301_5, Foa, E. B., Molnar, C., and Cashman, L. (1995). Sleep plays an important role in the consolidation of memory. As we mentioned earlier, for a memory to be situated at the most specific level in the Self-Memory System, it must refer to a single event and it has to be rich in sensory and perceptual detail. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2010.03.014, Jones, C., Harvey, A. G., and Brewin, C. R. (2007). First, we will focus on the relationship between autobiographical memory and the self, after which we will give a brief overview of the literature on memory specificity and memory coherence and how they relate to the self. Cogn. Psychother. The importance of an intention is based on values, desires, goals, and their predicted consequences (cf. The latter is represented by the life story schema, which is situated at the top layer of the Self-Memory System.

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